I have been working on a project/album for my personal enjoyment. So I’m going to share it with you all the reason I’m sharing it is there are several companies out there charging for something that can be created for free or distributed for free. Do a quick Google search on Binary Beats or binarial beats you’ll be amazed at how much companies are trying to charge you. I did a Google search for binary beats and click the first link after they give you this sales pitch about the science explaining what binary beats is and how it works on your brain and how it can heal your chakras and their product is the best whatnots and this and that. I went to the store and clicked on the first CD that they offer it’s 12 tracks track Length are 30 and 60 minutes long for $59.99 that is absolutely insane. I know they’re going to say that they have special technicians and professional recording studios scientists and doctors Healers and all kinds of other stuff to gain your trust to get your money. Quite frankly these companies piss me off that’s why I’m giving my stuff away for free and I’m making it for my myself why not share it. My binary beats are tailored for my liking but if you have an idea of a binary beat of how you want it to sound I would be more than happy to help make you one that is more tailored for you but that will cost you $59.99 that is a joke. I enjoy making them so it will be the same price as the ones I’m giving up right now free. bruce@backtrails.net

My binary beats are long over an hour long. I prefer rendering my binary Beats in Flac format cuz it is lossless audio. If you prefer MP3 I will create an MP3 format also to download. I’m only releasing two at the moment. One is called Low Binary Beat I wanted to create one with super low tones. The other one is called Chaotic Binary Beat it has a lot of ups and downs hints the word chaotic. These files are quite big but then again high quality. I’m going to make it so when you hit download you can download both of them together as Flac or as MP3 or you’re able to download them separately both formats. Binary Beats by Bruce
If you want to hear what they sound like before downloading here are the Flac versions available to listen to.
Chaotic binary beat.flac
Low binary beat.flac
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I recommend good headphones for ultimate listening pleasure.
I will release more soon!
Binary beats or binaural beats is consciously heard as a human that fluctuate to a certain frequency.
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PS:Created with Gnaural

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