KDE neon

Made the jump to KDE Neon User Edition. I’m wanting to say 4 months ago. Had no issues installing everything works out of the box. What I really liked about it was there was nothing really installed as in programs. You get Firefox for the web Okular as your document viewer, VLC For your media player and Gwenview To view images, and Of course Dolphin as your file manager and your Software Center is Discover. That’s pretty much it the rest is up to you to install which I think is great.

Canonical Livepatch service free for users

A while ago I remember some release notes for I believe 4.0 Linux kernel. That they have implemented a cool feature called live kernel patching, This allows you to apply kernel patches without rebooting. Great for big production servers where is crucial to run all the time, cool for the regular user knowing that they are getting the same treatment as a multi-million dollar company is getting. Canonical is allowing up to three personal computers for live kernel patching, after that they do charge but it is not a lot of money considering how much red hat charges for their similar service. It’s super easy to setup it’s a snap package. You can find all the instructions here Canonical Livepatch Service and more stuff here Live kernel patching from Canonical. Once the service has been installed you can see the status by putting in the following. Open your terminal (Ctrl-Alt-T) and put this in # canonical-livepatch status –verbose

I believe it’s only available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and up.